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See how Annotations can help you

create better compositions.



For start, they keep you very organised because our brain sparks ideas at any given time and you don't wanna lose any of them. You wanna say "You are a great idea, I don't wanna lose you so stay here in "Annotations" department while I'm finishing this other thought. It's not nice to speak over each other because I cannot focus well. I'm just a kid, you know?"


4 developers only: There are 2 types of Annotations but in here, they look exactly the same:

  • the ones who come from RCE (you can add quotes and comments there). You can edit personal comments here or in RCE, because they are yours. Any comment added or edited here, will update in RCE as well. You need to keep in mind though that quotes are not editable, not because you are not allowed to alter them but they also keep a pathway inside them of the context you extract them from. If you want to edit any quote, you need to push them into your paperwork where there are being transformed into plain text. So, in other words, keep the original voice of authors in your personal notes but you can alter them in your creation. Easy, right?
  • the ones you create yourself in here, by pressing "+" button, either on the composition page (because while creating something, you might have a great idea) or in Annotation page, where you can see them all together like friends.