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Write a short composition about how characters get mature in Eugene Ionesco's plays.


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Laughing with a bit of sadness



What makes a cheap movie cheap? What could possibly enrich life so much that boredom can look like the most dangerous laic sin ever happen? Well, it is the emotional palette. As long as our society, uncounciously is banning complex combination of emotions thinking that they are part of a dangerous borderline personality, we will never be able to exprience the most wonderful states of mind. It is like thinking the entire world should expose only pure colours instead of mixing them in such brilliant way that can foster high levels of counciousness.

Very important NOTES!

A student can turn in a performance task without marking as "done" the parts of Composing section. This switch is used:

  •  mainly so the student can track record of his own work, keeping in mind that the Performance Task might take a week or a month and can have many parts. Moreover, the student cand have multiple Performance Tasks at the same time;
  • this is the only way a techer can observe the student progress over the given performance task (inside Reports).

There is no other way to say that student has completed 45% or 90% of the task because the quality concept - what I think is good enough as a result or being done from my perspective as a student - translates into quantity. When it comes to measurable results (ex. a Performace Task in physics or mathematics) the system, as oposed to this scenario, can trace progress automatically.

    • Observation: when the students will find out that this switch will appear in Performance Task Report, most likely some of them will use this to make the teachers think that they are working and have significat progress over the given assignment.
  • Regarding attaching files: we should allow students to attach files contextually (as they write, adding them between paragraphs) because, allowing to add them in some another section of Performance Task (Ex. "Uploads" or "Attachements") can cause a huge mess. Students will forget to make reference about them in their paragraphs (ex. "see attached file <Namefile.pdf>"), will let the teachers figure out the purpose of the attached files or they will forget updating the files names inside paragraphs, when they replace the files in the "Uploads" / "Attachements" section. We need to consider the fact that stundets will be rather careless with their assignments. Thay will not behave like conscientious journalists or blog writers. Students will want to get rid of those assignments as soon as possible.
  • When the cursor is posioned at the beginning of a new or empty paragraph line, then "Add New" (plus icon) appears as illustrated bellow. Whenever the user creates a new line, between paragraphs, the same things happens. For example, above "Very important NOTES!" is an empty paragraph line. If the user is positioning the cursor there, then the plus icon appears, allowing to add file.
  • Files will be added one under the other (taking half of column space) and the content will reflow. The kebab menu (vertical three dots) on each thumnail will give the option to delete or to replace the image.
  • When the due date is less than 24 h, than a timer will show up on the right hand side of the annotations button, to keep the positioning consistent with "Student View info" page.
  • Any file uploaded here will be also found in "My Stuff" section.
  • If the student has no annotations yet, then the text on the button is "Add Annotations" with the help text under it: "See how they can help you". I don't recommend "Learn more." because the aversion of expresion - in school this expression is overused. I would avoid also "See how it works." because this is a school platform and students might not be curious about it as we want them to be. Anyway, "See how they can help you." sells better the annotation section because is illustrated an outcome, which is "help you", the student.

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