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Performance Tasks


STEP 1: Instructions, Information and Learning

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bellow is your new Performance Task Assignment started on 16 Jan 2016 that is due on 23 Jan 2016.

Read carrefully the instructions and if you have any questions, please contact me.

This will be scored with 10 points and you will learn about a pattern called cognitive depression.

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The Theatre of the Absurd



Like Samuel Beckett, Ionesco began his theatre career late; he did not write his first play until 1948 (La Cantatrice chauve, first performed in 1950 with the English title The Bald Soprano). At the age of 40, he decided to learn English using the Assimil method, conscientiously copying whole sentences in order to memorize them. Re-reading them, he began to feel that he was not learning English, rather he was discovering some astonishing truths such as the fact that there are seven days in a week, that the ceiling is up and the floor is down; things which he already knew, but which suddenly struck him as being as stupefying as they were indisputably true.

And I'm also attaching some other documents in case you want to learn more about the amazing authos Eugene Ionesco. His work goes beyond art. It is a philosophy of every day non-sense that we all face, no matter the life we choose.


Finally, some links from RCE so we can illustrate how the flow works between RCE and HMH ONE. Basically, the student reads and makes annotations inside RCE. Those annotations are send inside Performance Task (see STEP 2: Composing). Annotations (selections of text from the material) are read-only but a student can edit an annotation after he pushes it into his paperwork where it becomes a regular text.


Notice how this content reflows around thumbnails of files attached. The creation of Performance task flow is no different than Student's Performance Task.


Creation of Performance Task (PT) by the Teacher and solving this PT by the Student is just an elaborate work dialog between them.


A man without a plan is not a man.doc

Simplicity is a way of courtesy.pdf

1. Write a short composition about how characters get mature in Eugene Ionesco's plays.


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2. What is the outcome of the theatre of the absurd in every day life? What changes can bring us and what do you think is the next step in human behaviour?


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